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Jane Hebert Student Emergency Loan Fund

Emergency Financial Assistance Program

Keyano College has funds available to assist current, full-time students who are experiencing financial difficulties.  To be eligible for assistance, students must be in good academic and financial standing.  The Jane Hebert Student Emergency Loan Fund program assumes that students have prepared for their academic expenses, and that the emergency financial assistance cannot be used to pay for tuition, fees, books/supplies, vehicle repairs, or basic living allowances.

Emergency Student Loans

Emergency Student Loans are short-term loans for unexpected emergencies to help with essential living expenses.  As a guideline, loans should be repaid within three months and students should not access the emergency loan fund more than once per term. 

Note: The intent of emergency financial assistance is to cover emergencies and not enable lack of financial planning on the student’s part.

Emergency Student Grants

Students will be awarded a grant (non cash support) for small amounts that provide quick relief for students. This support is in the form of vouchers (typically food vouchers) and students would not have to repay. 


To be eligible for an Emergency Student Loan or Grant, students must:

  • Be registered as a full-time student in the current semester
  • Be in good academic and financial standing with the college
  • Have a verifiable emergency

Type of Disbursement

Nature of Emergency

Potential Options




Food Bank Referral (need copies of actual expenses)

Grocery Vouchers (Safeway or IGA)



Note:  Student must provide prescription receipt or estimate from pharmacist



Bus Pass

Bus passes will be purchased on behalf of the student from the Students’ Association


Other as deemed appropriate by a Keyano College Counsellor

- utilities


Application Process

Applicants must meet with a Keyano College counsellor to discuss their current financial situation.  Appointments should be booked by calling 791-8934 or by dropping into the Counselling and Disability Services office.  Please bring the completed application form and be prepared to have supporting documents (estimates and/or receipts).  The counsellor must review the terms and conditions of the emergency loan, and have the student sign and date the application form.

Repayment Process for Loan

If a student does not repay the short-term loan by the agreed upon schedule the student will be contacted as a reminder.  If the student does not respond or repay they will be placed on financial hold.  The student will not be able to access grades, transcripts, or register for further education until they clear their financial hold. 

Maximum Recommended Limits

Whenever possible, the amount of money given to the student should be kept to a minimum.  The counsellor will use their discretion as to the amount of the loan.