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Tuition and related fees must be paid within five working days from the official first day of classes (including the first day of classes) in any given semester (see tuition and refund schedule). A $100 penalty will be applied if fees are not paid within this time.  Please view self-service for account balance as statements will not be sent.

If tuition fees are outstanding after the assessment of the $100 penalty, then the student’s registration may be terminated. Exception may be granted where students have proof of sponsorship for tuition or student loan authorization. International (visa) students will pay a surcharge of 100%. 

Students will not be registered for a succeeding semester or session, nor allowed to attend classes until all overdue accounts are paid in full. All financial obligations to the College and its educational partners must be settled before a diploma, certificate, transcript, or any type of award is issued.

Make your payments by using the bill payment option available in your on-line banking. The full 9 digit student ID# must appear with the payment - eg. 000-666-666. Please note that this is the only available option to pay your fees conveniently. If your financial institution is not listed, then the tuition fees can be paid by cash at the mentioned financial institutions. Instruct the bank teller to pay the bill to Keyano College which is listed as one of the vendors in their on-line bill payment system. 

Online banking procedures:

1. Log in to your on-line banking at TD, CIBC, RBC, Bank of Nova Scotia, BMO, ATB, or Credit Unions.

2. Select the option: “pay bills”

3. Select “add payee” and you will be prompted to enter payee name

4. Type in “Key” or “Keyano” and click search

5. Select one of the following options

Keyano College – Housing Rent

Keyano College – Tuition Fee

Keyano College – Continuing Education

6. System will prompt for Payee Account – Type in your student number (the last 9 digits of the student number, eg. 000-555-555)

7. Follow system prompts to complete payment.