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Welding Recertification

Please Note: Increase to recertification fees due to CWB policy change

A recent policy change by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) impacts Keyano College’s welder recertification service.

All CWB structural qualification testing must now be witnessed and evaluated by a CWB employee.  Our examiners will no longer be permitted to witness and evaluate. 

A CWB representative will attend the College so we may continue to facilitate test sessions for the region.  The CWB will, however, be charging Keyano College for the service, along with several other expenses, including airfare and accommodation. 

As a result of this CWB policy change, the costs associated with it, and the sustainability of the service, Keyano College must increase the price of structural testing.

If you have concerns regarding the policy change from the CWB, please contact the CWB at 1.800.844.6790 or 

For information on booking recertification with Keyano College, please contact Lisa Starks at 780-791-4988 or


The Keyano College Welding department has been serving local industry and the community since 1965.  With more than seventy-five years of accumulated experience in the welding field, our staff has the ability to assist you in your personal development from the novice through inspector status.  A career in the welding field can be both exciting and profitable.  Updating your skills and knowledge in the trade will help you keep pace with today's technology and enhance your career.