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Welding Recertification

For information on booking CWB or B Pressure welder qualification with Keyano College, please contact Lisa Starks at 780-791-4988 or

Keyano College offers B Pressure welder qualification testing for Alberta Grade “B” Pressure welders Monday through Friday throughout the year between August and June.

In addition to pressure testing, an agreement between Keyano College and the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) will see lower prices and improved availability for Welding Recertification at the College.

The agreement authorizes Keyano’s Welding Recertification Department to administer CWB testing using existing College resources. Access to our local examiner will allow the service to be available five days a week, Monday through Friday.

“We expect that local industry will benefit greatly with this increased CWB testing frequency,” said Peter Lawlor, Dean of Heavy Industrial and Trades, Keyano College. “As important is that we have been able to reduce our pricing to our customers.”


The Keyano College Welding department has been serving local industry and the community since 1965.  With more than 139 years of accumulated experience in the welding field, our staff has the ability to assist you in your personal development from the novice through inspector status.  A career in the welding field can be both exciting and profitable.  Updating your skills and knowledge in the trade will help you keep pace with today's technology and enhance your career.