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Program Structure

This program of study is based on the curriculum from the University of Alberta.  Students intending to transfer to other institutions should consult the receiving institution as curriculums may vary. 


Year 1
Term I (September - December)
Course Course Title Credits
BIOL 107 Introduction to Cell Biology 3
CHEM 101 Introductory University Chemistry I 3
CHEM 164 or CHEM 261 – Organic Chemistry I 3
ENGL 124 Literary Analysis 3
MATH 1113 Elementary Calculus I 3
Term II (January – April)
Course Course Title Credits
BIOCH 200 Introductory Biochemistry 3
CHEM 102 Introductory University Chemistry II 3
CHEM 263 Organic Chemistry II 3
ENGL121 Literature in Historical Perspective 3
STAT 151 Introduction to Applied Statistics I 3