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Trades & Industrial

 Course Tuition  Lab Fee   GST Total 
 Power Lab 200 Hour Course  $5,800.00  $55.00  $290.00  $6145.00


School of Trades & Heavy Industrial Refund Policy for the Power Lab

1.Requests for refunds for tuition dated five (5) working days or more prior to course commencement will be granted, with $500 of the fee retained by the College.

2.For cancellations dated less than five (5) working days prior to course commencement date, no refunds will be granted. In exceptional circumstances, the Dean or Director of the program may overrule this policy. Rescheduling is treated as a cancellation.

3.Material fees are non-refundable.

4.Non-attendance at any course is not notice of withdrawal.

5.To obtain a refund from a course, a student must formally advise the Office of the Registrar by phone or in person, after which the student will be withdrawn and the refund process initiated.

Note: This refund policy is invalid for any company purchases of full courses from the College.

To receive an income tax receipt, contact the Office of the Registrar