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Master Electrician

Next Course: March 6 - April 21To register please call 780.791.4801.

Tuesday/Thursday 6-9 PM & Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM  Room CC127

Class size Min 6 - Max 16

This 75-hour course is intended to prepare students to write their Masters Electrician examination.

If you are a Journeyperson Electrician working in Electrical construction contracting and wish to write the exam, this course is for you. Note that your eligibility to write the exam must be established with the Safety Codes Council; the normal requirement is three years’ experience as a journeyperson.

This course addresses a wide range of essential topics, such as interpreting rules within the 2015-2018 Canadian Electrical Code, calculation and application of demand factors, review of single- and three-phase systems, transformer connections, over current protection of transformers, motors and feeders, and interrupting capacities of fuses and circuit breakers. Examples of additional topics include: • Electrician Trade Regulation • Workers' Compensation legislation • Certification & Permit Regulation • Occupational Health & Safety Act • Apprenticeship Program Regulation Prerequisite.

This course has also been valuable to Engineers and Planners with respect to implementation of and interpretation to Electrical Code changes.  These individuals are ineligible to write the Safety Codes Council exam.  

This course consists of the following modules:

Intro - Code Book Overview
Module 1 - Definitions and General Rules
Module 2 - Section 4 - Conductors
Module 3 - Section 8 - Circuits and Demand Factors
Module 4 - Section 10 - Grounding and Bonding
Module 5 - Section 12 - Wiring Methods
Module 6 - Section 14 - Protection and Control
Module 7 - Hazardous Locations
Module 8 - Installation of Electrical Equipment
Module 9 - Motors
Module 10 - Welders
Module 11 - Alternate Energy
Module 12 - Miscellaneous
Module 13 - Acts and Regulations
Module 14 - Liability and Insurance

Students are required to bring the most recent Electrical Code Book and scientific calculator. 

A copy can be purchased in the Keyano College Bookstore.

Tuition: $1,825.00

All course materials and resources will be distributed at the first class.

Additional fees: Registration to write the Safety Codes Exam will be paid by each student directly to Safety Codes Canada.  This will be discussed on the first evening of classes. Exam fee is $200.

If you require further information regarding the course please call 780.791.4881

To register please call 780.791.4801.