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Power Engineering

Program Outcomes

Graduates from the program will be able to:

    • Utilize basic physics principles and thermodynamics of steam to solve Power Engineering related calculations.

    • Describe industrial codes and provincial legislation relating to Power Engineers and pressure vessels.

    • Explain the importance of plant safety and plant communications, and understand the effects of operating plants on the environment.

    • Describe plant piping, mechanical properties of engineering materials, and welding processes and inspection.

    • Understand basic electricity, electrical devices, generation and distribution, and explain their application in the power engineering field.

    • Describe energy plant controls and instrumentation, as well as process measurement and types of control systems commonly used in plants.

    • Describe the elements, and importance, of various boiler systems and safety devices.

    • Apply knowledge of pumps, compressors, and prime movers to plant operations and describe their operation and maintenance requirements.

    • Explain the necessity for boiler cleaning and maintenance and describe common procedures and tools used. 

    • Explain the need for boiler water treatment, and describe internal and external boiler water treatment methods and testing procedures.

    • Describe typical industrial building lighting, water, and drainage systems.

    • Explain basic compression and absorption refrigeration systems and commonly used HVAC systems and equipment.

    • Identify the types of plants that employ Power Engineers and discuss their typical configurations.