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Power Engineering

Power Engineering - Computer Managed Learning

Keyano College offers 4th class and 3rd class Power Engineering (Certification) online. 

The program is delivered through iLearn (Moodle) which is a computer managed, self-paced course that is done at your convenience. The program provides access to a comprehensive question bank designed to highlight subjects in the Alberta Boiler's Branch syllabi.

As students study through the Power Engineering book and workbook, they test their knowledge by completing chapter quizzes, S test and E-exams online. Each Chapter quiz consist of 10 questions, unit quizzes consist of 50 questions and s-tests and e-exams consists of 120 questions. All e-exams are supervised exams that must be done in person at Keyano College or exams could be proctored with an approved institution. A proctored exam is taken off-campus and is supervised. The student will have to find a qualified proctor. 

The online program offers tutorial assistance by qualified instructors on an appointment basis every Tuesday and Thursday in the Bob Lamb Building. To book your tutoring appointment please call 780.791.4955.

Registration occurs daily, although; start dates are limited to the first of the month.