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Power Engineering Coop

Admission Requirements

High School diploma with:

  • English 20-1 or English 20-2
  • Math 20-1 or Math 20-2
  • Physics 20 or Science 20 (Alberta course only)
  • OR
  • GED with pass mark on all 5 tests

In addition to these requirements applicants will be required to successfully complete a Differential Aptitude Test (DAT) with a minimum score of 4500. Upon successful completion of the DAT test score achievement, students are then scheduled an appointment with Industry and College representatives.  The interview format will follow a behaviour descriptive interview process. 

All applicants to Keyano College must demonstrate English Language proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.  For more information please refer to English Language Proficiency.

For upgrading options, please refer to Academic Upgrading program.

Please Note:

All applicants applying for 2nd year Power Engineering Coop will be required to meet the same admission requirements as the 1st year Power Engineering Coop with the exception of the DAT exam. Applicants will need to show proof of a valid 4th Class Power Engineering certification.