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Alberta Paramedicine Driver Operator Course
Instructor Requirements

It is important to note that all potential instructors must meet all five of the following requirements to be eligible for APDOC Instructor Certification:

1. Hold a valid Alberta Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 non-GDL operator’s license. 

2. Be an employee of a Certified Employee Driver Training Agency approved by Alberta Transportation to deliver a Defensive Driving Course or Professional Driver Improvement Course.

3. Have no outstanding fines or account balances with Service Alberta.

4. Meet at least one of the following requirements and submit appropriate documents as listed below:
i. Have received Defensive Driving / Professional Driver Improvement Course instructor training from any organization authorized by Alberta Transportation to conduct such training.
a) Submit proof of having received training.
ii. Hold a valid Alberta Driving Instructor’s license:
a) With at least 1,000 hours of in-vehicle driver instruction or 100 hours of classroom instruction in an approved driver education course during the two year period preceding the commencement of Defensive Driving Course / Professional Driver Improvement instruction, and
b) Is recommended by the senior instructor, and
c) Has conducted at least two full courses under the supervision of an experienced Defensive Driving / Professional Driver Improvement Course Instructor.

5.     Submit a recommendation letter from the senior instructor of the driver training school including all the information in the above bullets as well as the instructor’s license number.

Attendees must submit proof of all 5 requirements upon registration for the APDOC Instructor Training course to Keyano College.


Step 1: Please provide us with an updated resume to in order for us to determine these requirements have been met.

Step 2: Receive an email with your eligibility for the course (within 3 business days).

Step 3: Enroll in the course in person by visiting the Office of the Registrar at Keyano College or by phone at 780-791-4801.