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This course was developed to provide Emergency Responders with the necessary tools and information required to operate emergency vehicles. Emergency responders have to be effective at controlling their driving environment in all situations and conditions without compromising the safety of their patient, their partner or other road users. This course is tailored to meet the needs of this specialized group of professional drivers.

While the goal of this course is to provide foundational knowledge and skill attainment, it is strongly recommended Emergency Vehicle Operators maintain recertification and continual self-reflection.


The Emergency Vehicle Operator Course is a training program that can be used in a variety of settings and organizations to meet emergency vehicle operator training needs. The course consists of three training sections:
I. Classroom Based Theory
II. Driving Course Practice Exercises
a. Serpentine
b. Angle Backing
III. Simulator Training


The goal of the course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate their vehicle so that the vehicle, equipment, crew, and patients will be delivered safely and efficiently and the safety of the public will be assured during all phases of the delivery of Emergency Medical Service involving the ambulance.


There are several options for institutions to provide access to their students for the APDOC course. The three main options include the following:

 - Become a brokering institution.

 - Contract Keyano College to deliver the course.  

 - Students can enroll in a course offered by Keyano College.  Courses can be offered throughout Alberta and at Keyano College.  In this case students would enroll directly with Keyano College.

Students can enroll in a course offered by a Brokering Institution.  Courses can be offered throughout Alberta.  In this case students would enroll directly with the Brokering Institution.

Institutions, students or current practitioners may contact Keyano College to discuss any of these options further.