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Program Structure

Section Title Hours
First Period

Section One Safety, Rigging, Crane and Hoists 30
Section Two Measurement, Layout and Metallurgy 34
Section Three Tools and Fasteners36 36
Section Four Machining 64
Section Five Machine Installation and Alignment 24
Section Six Math and Print Reading 52
Second Period
Section One Bearings, Gaskets, Seals and Lubrication 48
Section Two Power Transmission 56
Section Three Reciprocating Compressors 60
Section Four Alignment, Cutting, Welding and Non-Destructive Testing 36
Section Five Math and Print Reading 40

Third Period

Section One Fluid Power 88
Section Two Compressors, Fans, Dryers, Industrial Refrigeration and Heating Exchangers 88
Section Three Alignment and Levelling 30
Section Four Electrical Systems and Controls 34

Fourth Period

Section One Stationary Engines 48
Section Two Turbines and Governors 48
Section Three Machinery Monitoring Balance and Alignment 48
Section Four Pumps, Mechanical Seals and Packing 62
Section Five Material Handling Systems, Workplace Coaching Skills & Industry Network  34