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"I remember one time I got a job [interview] but they did not hire me because of my poor English. I could not communicate in English at all. It was very difficult thing to do for me. But now, after I joined LINC, I changed a lot. Now, I can listen, speak, read, and write which means I can communicate."
- Hanan Saleh, LINC 4 

"As a result [of LINC], my English improve with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which help me confidence, for job interview, exam driver license and communication with others."
- Saredo Ali Houssein, LINC 2

"It helps to meet some good friends and I use more English words. I will do everything without my husband's help."
- Jiyoung Song, LINC 2

"In LINC classes I learned not to be shy. I understand I should try to talk and not be afraid of society."
- Roghieh Ahmadi, LINC 2

“I joined LINC program to improve my English language. This program is very helpful to learn English and now I am able to talk to persons in shopping malls, clinic and offices."
- Tamseela Shahbaz, LINC 2