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Heavy Equipment Apprenticeship

Program Structure

Section Title Hours

First Period

Section One Standard Workplace Safety, Materials and Tools 40
Section Two Suspensions, Wheels and Systems 53
Section Three Hydraulics 1 and Hydraulic Brake Systems 49
Section Four Electrical I & Electronics I 53
Section Five Air Brakes 45

Second Period

Section One Engine Fundamentals, Service and Repair 75
Section Two Engine Systems 28
Section Three Diesel Fuel Injection Systems 33
Section Four Electronics Fuel Management 54
Section Five Heavy Duty Charging & Cranking Systems 50

Third Period

Section One Hydraulics II 114
Section Two Steering and Suspension Systems & Accessories (Specific to Off Road) And Apprenticeship 33
Section Three Power Train (Specific to Off Road) 93

Fourth Period

Section One Power Train (Specific to Truck and Transport) 122
Section Two Steering and Antilock Brake Systems 48
Section Three Air Conditioning 36
Section Four Vehicle Electrical Diagnosis & Failure Analysis and Apprenticeship 34