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Students complete computer based training modules in combination with simulators for practical application; this enables students to safely train in a controlled environment and receive complete, consistent and objective feedback on their performance


Students will have the opportunity to focus their skills on various pieces of equipment including:

Wheel Loader




Articulating truck

Off-highway truck 


The students are trained by qualified and experienced instructors  and have virtually equal time doing theory and practical training. The maximum class size is 12 participants with 180 hours of training (minus any statutory holidays)  taking place over a 6 week period.


Each Student will spend 1 week on each piece of Equipment and will then rotate to the next piece of equipment taking place over a 6 week period.


Please click on the links below to show what is learned on each piece of equipment:



Wheel Loader Overview

Dozer Overview 

Grader Overview

Excavator Overview

Articulated Truck Overview

Off HighwayTruck Overview