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Haul Truck Operator

Haul Truck Operator

“I took the Keyano course in 2014.  I had no knowledge or experience in the mining industry and was looking for a career change.  Having taking the Keyano course it gave me knowledge, understanding, required safety training and skills to obtain full time employment.  Because of the Keyano course, I obtained full-time employment with Suncor Energy driving Heavy Haul trucks.  I have now been with Suncor for just over two years and loving my new career.  I highly recommend this course!” - Erika

"I took haul truck course in January of 2015. The course was a Suncor sponsored course. I am presently working full time as a HEO at Suncor and loving it. Wish I could have taken the course 20 yrs earlier." - Jim

"I took the course April 2013, did my coop at Syncrude, Aurora and got hired July 2014." - Michael

"I took the Haul Truck Operator course back in 2015. Since then I have been working at Suncor. I got hired full time and my schedule is six on and six off. I LOVE my schedule, with six days off plus vacation time and stats you have so much free time to do things such as travelling. It's wonderful. The fact that this course is only four weeks long and then you have an opportunity to work with company's such as Suncor and Syncrude is astonishing. You aren't just getting a new job in the end, it's a career that a lot of people dream of having. You can't beat the schedules, the work is enjoyable (Nice air conditioned truck in the summer, and get to stay warm in the winter), and comfort in knowing you are setting yourself up for a great retirement! I think taking the Haul Truck Operator course was one of the best decisions I've ever made!" - Tiffany


"After taking the course I was able to immediately go through the testing process for Suncor. I made it through that and was granted an interview shortly after. It was a month or so after the interview I was called back to begin my co-op term with Suncor. Now, 2 years later, I'm still working for Suncor. The course was an awesome way to get a foot in the door for a wicked career." - Shania