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Program Structure

Section Title
First Period
Section One Standard & Specific Workplace Safety 12
Section Two Circuit Fundamentals 78
 Section Three  EMF Sources 26
Section Four Lab Fundamentals 62
Section Five Canadian Electrical Code Part I and Drawings 62

 Second Period    240
Section One Alternating Current (ac) Circuit Properties 36
Section Two RLC Circuits 74
Section Three Heating and Cooling Systems 42
Section Four Magnetic Control and Switching Circuits 42
Section Five Canadian Electrical Code Part 1/Plans and Diagrams 46

Third Period
Section One Three Phase Principles 98
    Section Two      Three Phase Motor Principles 56
Section Three Transformers 34
Section Four Canadian Electrical Code 52

Fourth Period
Section One Machines 62
Section Two Control and Switching/PLC 74
Section Three Fire Alarm Systems 42
Section Four Applications of Electronics 70
Section Five Candian Electrical Code Part 1 Applications & Safety 112