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Education - Secondary Route

Students who wish to begin a Secondary Education Degree at Keyano College must choose a Major teaching subject (36 credits) and a Minor teaching subject (18 credits) which prepares them to provide instruction in specific subject areas. Students need 120 credits to earn the Secondary Bachelor of Education degree. After completing 60 credits, students can apply to University of Alberta for admission to the Secondary Bachelor of Education Degree program. A Secondary Bachelor of Education degree prepares students to teach special subjects and to facilitate the learning of students at the high school level within our diverse classrooms and multicultural communities. Teaching expertise depends on a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes.  Students must have knowledge of specific subject matter, pedagogy, problem solving skills and professional ethics as they prepare to be reflective practitioners. They also reflect respect for youth as part of the community of learners. Students develop these as they articulate and refine a personal philosophy of education. They develop the understanding of schooling in the social, political and economic environments with a strong commitment to the teaching profession.