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Education - Five Year Combined Degree

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Combination with the BEd

Combined degree programs typically enable students to complete two degrees in 5 years.  A common combination is the Bachelor of Education Degree taken with either a Bachelor of Arts Degree or Bachelor of Science Degree. In most cases, students wishing to transfer to a combined degree program at the University of Lethbridge can complete one year of their 5 year program at Keyano College. Students planning to transfer to the University of Alberta can usually complete 1-2 years at Keyano College before transferring to the University of Alberta.

It is recommended that students refer the Academic Calendar of the institution where they wish to complete their combined degree and consult with an academic advisor to ensure that they enroll in the appropriate courses for their program. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts/BEd

Students who complete the Diploma in Visual Arts and at Keyano College are eligible to apply to the University of Lethbridge Post Diploma BFA/Bed Combined degrees. Students should note that while in the Visual Arts diploma program, option courses should be chosen with the consultation of a Student Advisor.