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Program Structure

Years 1 and 2

Students who wish to complete the Collaborative Bachelor of Education Generalist Degree must complete a total of 120 credits of specified course work. Years 1 and 2 of the program comprise of 60 credits that must be completed prior to admission into year 3 of the program.

Year 1 and 2 requirements are summarized in the Elementary Education Advising Sheet. To avoid course conflicts students are encouraged to follow the recommended course patterns that are available in the online registration guides. 

Bachelor of Education - Elementary Year 1

Bachelor of Education - Elementary Year 2

BEd Elementary Program Sheet - Years 1 and 2 (University Studies)

                                                                            Total Requirements * 60

  * 39     

 I - Language /Literature  
 ENGL JR Engl (3)

 I - Language/Literature        ENGL JR Engl (3)

 I - Language/Literature         ENGL SR Engl (3)

 I - Mathematics                     MATH 160 recommended (or STAT) (3)      
 II - Mathematics            MATH 260 recommended (or STAT) (3)
 III - Social Science   SOCY 100   (3)
 III - Canadian History     HIST 260 or 261  (3) 
 IV - Natural Science  BIOL, CHEM, EAS, PHYS, NUTR 100  (3) 
*EAS 100/105 recommended 
 IV - Natural Science  BIOL, CHEM, EAS, PHYS, PHIL 217, NUTR 100  (3) 
 V - Fine Arts  ART, ARTH, DANCE, DRAMA  (3) 
 Not Art 100                           
 V - Fine Arts *  ART, ARTH, DANCE, DRAMA  (3) 

 Not Art 100                           
 VI - Physical Education  PESS 293  (3)
 VII - Health Education  SOCY 271  (3) 
 Education Core      *9   

EDU 100 (Year 1)▪     (3)  

EDPU 200 or EDPY 302     pre-requisite: EDU 100  (3)   

 * 200 not offered anymore      
EDU 210 (Year 2) ▪▪              pre-requisite: EDU 100 (3)  

 Aboriginal & Indigenous 
 Histories & Culture

 NATS 110   (3)   

 Non-Education Options      *9  




Transfer Issues
Students who transfer to the UofA will need to take EDU 211 in year 3
▪ EDU 100 Transfers to the University of Lethbridge as EDUC 2XXX (not EDUC 2500)
▪▪ EDU 210 will NOT transfer to the University of Lethbrdige 

Years 3 and 4

To be admitted into year 3 of the program students apply directly to the University of Alberta, (choosing Keyano College as their Collaborative Degree program of choice). Application deadlines change from year to year, so be sure to review online resources pertaining to application information and procedures.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta annually reviews the specific courses offered at the Keyano College campus for years 3 and 4 of the program. In year three of the program, students complete a 5 week teaching practicum (the Introductory Professional Field Experience) and in year four students complete a 9 week practicum (the Advanced Professional Field Experience).

Years 3

EDEL 335: Introduction to Teaching Social Studies

EDEL 305: Language Arts in the Elementary School

EDEL 316: Communication Through Mathematics Education

EDEL 321: Introduction to Curriculum & Pedagogy in Elementary School Physical Education

EDU 211: Aboriginal Education and Contexts for Professional and Personal Engagement

EDEL 496: Teaching Language Arts in Cross Cultural Environments

EDEL 330: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Science

EDPY 303: Educational Assessment

EDFX 335: Introductory Professional Field Experience (IFX) (*6)

Year 4

EDEL 325: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Music

EDPY 301: Inclusive Education: Adapting Instruction for Students with Special Needs

EDFX 425: Advanced Professional Field Experience (AFX) (*9)

EDLE 302: Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Art

EDLE 415: Issues in Elementary Math

EDPS 410: Ethics and Law in Teaching

EDPS 432: The Education of Native Peoples in Canada: A Historical Study

LIS 405: Canadian Children’s Literature for Young People in Schools and Libraries

Note: Courses and course sequencing is subject to change