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Program Structure

Section Title Hours
First Period

Section One Safety and Building Materials
Section Two Tools 78
Section Three Site Preparation, Building Layout, Foundations and Floor Frame Systems
Section Four Residential Estimating and Drawing Interpretation 62

Second Period


Section One Frame Structures 42
Section Two Wood Frame Roofs 60
Section Three Interior and Exterior Finishes 43
Section Four Wood Stairs 31
Section Five  Light Commercial Estimating and Drawing Interpretation 64

Third Period


Section One Concrete and Building Layout
Section Two Commercial Form Work 64
Section Three Commercial Interiors and Exteriors 64
Section Four Commercial Estimating and Drawing Interpretation 70

Fourth Period


Section One Workplace Organization and Interior Finishes  69
Section Two Advanced Roof Framing and Stairs 75
Section Three Renovations, Building Design, Energy Efficiency and Building Science 42
Section Four Industrial Estimating and Drawing Interpretation 54