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Students who have acquired skills or knowledge through experience and/or related courses which are relevant to the content of a course offered at Keyano College may be granted credit for such a course by requesting and passing a challenge examination.

Application to write a challenge exam is initiated by the student through the appropriate program chairperson by submitting a "Special Examination Request" available from the Office of the Registrar. Final decision on granting or denying permission for a challenge exam is made cumulatively by the course instructor, the program chair and the Registrar.

If permission is granted, the exam must be written within two weeks after approval unless otherwise indicated. There is a non-refundable fee of 50% of the course tuition per challenge exam. The grade recorded for a successful exam is "CR", which is not calculated in the student's GPA.
A challenge exam does not apply to any course offerings at Keyano College that are subject to external accrediting agencies. No student shall receive advanced credit and/or accumulate challenge exam credits in excess of 50% of total required for graduation in certificate and diploma programs, except in exceptional circumstances.

Students who fail a course will not be allowed to write a challenge exam for that course within two years of failing that course.
Successful completion of PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) will be indicated by a grade of PL. This grade is not calculated in GPA. The transfer credits earned by PLA at Keyano College to another post-secondary institution will be governed by the policies of the receiving institution.