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Comprehensive Institutional Plan

Keyano’s 2015/2016 Comprehensive Institutional Plan outlines three main goals:

The first goal is enhance the student experience.  This includes plans for a formalized student engagement process, fully operationalizing our performance planning process, and the creation of new facilities including new student housing and food services enhancements. 

Pursue academic excellence is the second goal.  Improving access to post-secondary education by providing relevant programming options for students remains a priority for Keyano. In 2014/15 plans include launching: 

• Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, a collaboration with Mount Royal University to deliver year three of the program;

• Bachelor of Business Administration; a collaboration with NAIT to deliver year three of the program;

• Electrician Apprenticeship dual credit;

• Power Engineering steam time

• Heavy equipment operator simulation training

• Other programming as demand and budget may enable

Enhancing our quality assurance processes, developing a vision for scholarly activity and research, and continually renewing our curriculum are also key initiatives under this goal.

The third goal is to advance institutional sustainability. The economic uncertainty which characterizes our current environment will affect Keyano’s ability to maintain its current program mix as well as to develop new revenue streams.  This fiscal reality necessitates a renewed focus on leveraging our assets in innovative ways to generate maximum value.

Keyano is committed to partnering within Campus Alberta to enhance student access and to create flexible learning pathways which facilitate transfer credit and student mobility. Our efforts within the Northern MOA collaboration, which also includes the University of Alberta, NAIT and Mount Royal University, enable opportunities to share information, knowledge, programming and research ideas while concurrently improving system-wide access and the achievement of greater efficiencies.  

 In addition, Keyano is taking an active role in enhancing the development of community space through its collaborative planning of the Keyano Theatre expansion and on-going preparation of its Saline Creek property with business, industry and community partners.  

 Achievement of the above CIP goals will enable Keyano to increase regional access to quality post-secondary education programs and services and to connect flexible learning pathways for students with positive employment outcomes. We look forward to further discussing our CIP with business, industry, community and Aboriginal stakeholders, and to ensuring we effectively meet the needs of our stakeholders now and in the future.

2015/2016 - 2017/2018 Comprehensive Institutional Plan

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