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Keyano College Capital Development

Keyano College’s Comprehensive Institutional Plan (CIP) outlines three key goals: Advance institutional sustainability, Enhance the student experience, and Pursue academic excellence. 

The College recognizes that while many of these goals are achievable through our day to day activities as a comprehensive community college, a portion of the goals will only be realized through capital upgrades and expansion. 

2014 Campus Development Master Plan

To address the goals identified in the CIP, a Campus Development Master Plan has been created. Established in 2014 as the guiding document for College-wide infrastructure development across all of Keyano’s campuses and learning centres, the Master Plan is a living document and will change as needs and resources are assessed or shift. 

As indicated in the CIP, Keyano College’s Capital Plan outlines the key investments required to ensure the College can continue to contribute to the Wood Buffalo region and improve operational efficiency. The proposed investments are designed to meet the needs of the region and reduce the operating costs of the College. The plan outlines capital expenditures in excess of $332 million. Capital items will be funded through a combination of funds raised from the community, internal reserves, government grants and long-term financing.

Capital Plan Priorities

 2014 Campus Development Master Plan
 Heart of the Campus Master Plan 
 Comprehensive Institutional Plan 2015-2018 

Several priorities have been identified as part of Campus Development Master Plan. Greater details can be found on these priorities by referring to pages 56 to 60 of the CIP.

In brief, the priorities include:

Clearwater Campus Student Residence and Parkade 
The College proposes building new student housing on the Franklin Avenue/King Street corner of the campus with the intent to move all students to this new residence. The new residence would feature approximately 400 beds and meet projected growth needs for the next five to 10 years. The ground floor would be used for commercial/retail space. Parking will be available underground and as part of a separate parkade on campus. The timeline for this project is approximately three years. Clearwater Hall (also referred to as the Purple Palace) will be repurposed as part of the Heart of Campus project.

The Suncor Energy Industrial Campus Upgrade / Centre of Excellence for Safety Training & Simulation
The College is proposing to self-finance the upgrade or relocation of the Suncor Energy Industrial Campus (SEIC) using revenues generated from commercial leases from development of the SEIC lands. Sitting on 56 acres of land, the campus is considered a prime location for property
 development due to its location at a major intersection on Highway 69. It’s also adjacent to over fifty acres of highway frontage land owned by the Keyano College Land Trust that can also be developed.

The College is also reviewing the opportunity to build a new facility to provide safety training for oil sands workers. This facility would tie into the SEIC (or relocated SEIC) and provide equipment and services for full-time students and workers enhancing or upgrading their training. 

Heart of the Campus
The Heart of the Campus project represents the most significant upgrade to the Clearwater campus in the history of Keyano College. The six year, $125 million Heart of Campus project will upgrade the main hallways at the Clearwater Campus into a student mall, expand the library and other resource facilities, increase the capacity of the Keyano College Theatre, repurpose the old gymnasium, reorganize administrative offices, add educational space, and link the main campus building to the new student residence. The renovations will encompass more than 5,000 m2 of floor space. The intent is to meet campus needs for the next 20 years as well as make the Keyano College Theatre complex the community’s primary facility in Wood Buffalo for live arts and entertainment.

Clearwater Campus Mechanical Upgrades
The aging Clearwater campus requires significant mechanical upgrades to reduce operating costs, add capacity to support campus growth, and improve reliability. These improvements are needed regardless of the status of the Heart of Campus project. Specific upgrades include: renovating and increasing the capacity of the central heating plant, and electrical sub-station and transformers; replace the motor control centre to reduce energy costs; replace or upgrade emergency back-up power systems; and upgrade and replace dated and inefficient heating and cooling systems.