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Within 90 Days

As the new employee starts to settle into the position and starts to understand the College better, the following tasks can be spread out after the first week to deepen their understanding and enhance their engagement.  These tasks should be completed by the 90th day of employment.


New Employee:


FOIP Training:

In order to ensure you understand our obligations around sharing of information and protection of personal privacy, new employees are required to complete online FOIP training.  Please read all instructions below before beginning.

·         The FOIP course takes 1 to 2 hours to complete and includes review questions and exercises.

·         The course does not need to be completed all at once; it can be stopped and started as necessary to accommodate your work schedule.

·     When asked by the course for your supervisor's email address please use so that Human Resources will receive notification upon your completion.

·         To access the training, please use this link:


 Additional Important Policies:

Now that you are getting more settled, there are a few more policies/procedures that are important that you read and ask questions about.  They are as follows:


Policy Category

Policy Name

Advancement & External Relations

Communication Procedure

Facilities and Asset Management

Procurement Policy


College Travel Policy

Delegation of Authority Policy

SSWC Membership and Facility Rental

Human Resources, Health & Safety

Tuition Waivers

Professional Development

Information Technology & Management

Mobile Communication Devices and Cell Phones




Important Department/Position Specific Policies:

In addition to the general policies that apply to all employees in all departments, other departments or even specific positions may need to be aware of policies that are directly applicable to their work and success at Keyano. The supervisor should identify these for the new employee and provide them with the specific policy/procedure names/numbers for review on Connect.





Training Requirements:

If there are specific training requirements for success in the position, these should be outlined and a plan created for completion.


Any general training for employees offered through Human Resources or Learning Innovation is typically advertised on Connect.  Employees are always encouraged to participate in these events upon approval from their supervisor.


Departmental Culture/Values/Ground Rules:

This is all about “how we do things here” and includes an introduction to things such as:

·         typical dress expected example - business casual, coveralls, etc.

·         preferred modes of communication

·         departmental/team rituals

·         what to do on those rare occasions when late/sick

·         social activities available


The supervisor is expected to familiarize the employee with these things and anything else that might be important for them to know in terms of fitting in with the culture.


P-Card Training:

Manager – if your employee requires a P-Card please contact Finance to obtain the application and training information.


Schedule Probationary Review Meetings:

To ensure that a new employee is getting timely feedback about their performance and an opportunity to respond, probationary review meetings should be established and set up in the supervisor and employee’s calendars.  This should happen minimally at the midpoint of the probationary period.  Human Resources is here to provide additional advice on this process if necessary.


Return Completed Onboarding Checklist:

Once the first 90 days of employment are complete, so too should the Onboarding Checklist be complete.  Please remember to have both parties sign off on it and submit it to Human Resources for tracking.


If the form is completed before 90 days are up, send it along sooner.  Human Resources won’t mind that a bit!