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First Week


The first week is all about getting oriented with the organization, the team, and the work.


New Employee:



Employee ID:

All Keyano College Employees are required to wear identification cards. These cards are also required for access to certain doors and areas of the College.  Please visit the Human Resources department on your first day to get your ID.


Review of Payroll/Benefits:

A meeting will be set up by the Payroll unit of Human Resources to go over your pay and benefits and ensure you have all of the applicable forms filled out correctly.


The new employee is expected to attend this meeting and bring the required documentation. Forms will be provided in advance. This meeting is a great opportunity to ask questions and obtain additional information about all that Keyano College has to offer its employees.


Connect/Q: Drive:

Connect is the portal that serves as the Keyano College intranet.  Here you will find a wealth of important information related to your employment.  You are expected to read Connect on a regular basis to ensure you are kept informed of what is happening.


Please take a few moments now to familiarize yourself with the layout and features of Connect.


How to Access Connect:

·         Visit the Keyano College website at

·         Find “Connect” on the blue bar across the top

·         Use your normal Keyano College log-in credentials


Your supervisor/colleagues/Keyano Ambassador can help you navigate Connect if you run into any difficulties.  Please note that you can access Connect from any computer or mobile device anywhere as it is a web-based system.

Email Signature Instructions:


              To insert your email signature, please follow the instructions below.


              Open up your Outlook mail.


              Go to FILE then OPTIONS

              Second tab on left is MAILClick on MAIL


              The 3rd section is SIGNATURES, click on the SIGNATURES box.

              Click NEW and name your new signature  i.e. External or “Initials” 1,  Reply or “Initials” 2


              Copy the logo and text below and paste it into the signature area

              Change the information to your own.


              Click SAVE, then make your new signature your default in the box to the top right.


              Reply or Internal:


              Name Here




              P: 780.000.0000 | C: 780.000.0000





              Name Here




              Keyano College

              8115 Franklin Avenue

              Fort McMurray, AB

              T9H 2H7


              P: 780.000.0000 | C: 780.000.0000



We respectfully acknowledge that we are on Treaty No. 8 Territory; the traditional meeting grounds and gathering places of Canada’s First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples.

Keyano a Cree word roughly translated, means, "Sharing".

CONFIDENTIALITY: This e-mail message (including attachments, if any) is confidential and is intended only for the addressee. Any unauthorized use or disclosure is strictly prohibited. Disclosure of this e-mail to anyone other than the intended addressee does not constitute waiver of privilege. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately and delete this. Thank you for your cooperation.

Comprehensive Institutional Plan:

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the strategic directions of the College.  This will give you context for why certain things are happening and be a guide for future activities.


Take some time to access this link for this information: Comprehensive Institutional Plan


It is also important that you revisit this document regularly throughout your employment with us.


Important Organizational Policies/Procedures:

It is important to be aware of and understand all of Keyano College’s policies and procedures.  Some that are critical for you to know as early as possible in your employment with us are as follows:


Policy Category

Policy Name

Board and Governance

Conflict of Interest

Ethics and Accountability Policy

Human Resources, Health & Safety

Individual Rights – Conflict Discrimination Harassment Violence in the Workplace Policy

   Safe Disclosure Policy

Information Technology & Management

Computer and Communication Technology Usage Policy

Protection of Privacy Policy


You can access these policies on Connect under the Policies & Procedures tab.



We provide WHMIS training online.  Please read all instructions below before beginning this required training course.

·         The WHMIS course takes 1 to 3 hours to complete.

·         Enrolment Instructions can be found here & follow them closely.

·         To access the training, please use this link:


Please note that this training is required to be updated every two years.  Human Resources will provide you with an email reminder when that time comes.




Log-In/Phone Number:

The supervisor will provide the information received from ITS regarding telephone and computer access to the employee.



The supervisor will introduce the new employee to their team and other colleagues within their department and division. Additionally, the supervisor should provide the new employee with a list of key contacts both internal and external to the College in order to do their jobs effectively.  The two of you can then discuss a plan for introductions to the key contacts, based on whatever makes sense operationally.


Campus Tour:

A campus tour for the new employee will help them locate the different areas of the College and provide an opportunity to meet other employees outside of the department.


The campus tour may be conducted by the supervisor, a member of the team, or the assigned Keyano Ambassador.


Safety Orientation:

Safety is very important to us at Keyano College.  Every new employee must be orientated on how to work safely to prevent illness/injury to themselves and others.


The supervisor is responsible for going through the Safety Orientation and the employee is responsible for participating fully and complying.


Workplace Checklist:


The supervisor should complete the Workplace Checklist provided via email from Human Resources as part of the new hire process.  If you require assistance with the checklist, Travis will be happy to answer any questions ( or 780.791.8988. Completed Checklists should be returned to Human Resources as soon as possible.


New Employee Workplace Orientation Checklist


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

If personal protective equipment is required, the supervisor should provide this to the employee along with instructions for use and replacement, when necessary.


Incident Reporting:

It is the policy of Keyano College to thoroughly and immediately investigate all injuries/incidents and report all required information to the Safety Advisor and the College Nurse. Should an occupational injury occur, please report the incident immediately to their supervisor.



New Employee and Supervisor:


Organizational Charts:

In order to understand how this position fits into the Keyano College puzzle, the supervisor should provide the new employee with a copy of the organization chart for their unit/department.  Some positions may also benefit from a College-wide organization chart.


The most up-to-date organization charts can be obtained from Connect.


Job Description:

In order to understand the requirements of the position, the supervisor and employee should walk through the job description for the position together.


The most up-to-date approved job description can be obtained from Human Resources.




The department will have goals established for the year.  It is important that the new employee understand those goals and how their position contributes.



The position will have goals established for the year as well.  It is important that the new employee understand those goals, the timelines associated with them, and have some input into them.



Biosafety Training for Containment Level II Facilities


The following new employees must complete Containment Level II training:


  • University Studies Laboratory Staff

  • Environmental Laboratory Staff

  • Instructors teaching in the Science Laboratories (Biology, Chemistry or ENVT/ENVS)

  • Chair of University Studies

  • Chair of Academic Upgrading

  • Dean of University Studies

  • VP Academics

  • Facilities Manager/Operations Chief

  • Director of Facilities/ EOC Director

  • Safety Advisor/Chief Fire Warden

  • Facilities

  • IT

  • Shipping & Receiving Clerk – Procurement

  • EOC Members

Please contact Blaine Legaree for Containment Level II Training if you fall under any of these headings