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Before You Start



These are a few things that need to be completed before a new employee’s first official day on duty with Keyano College.


New Employee:


Offer Letter:

Your offer letter will be provided to you after the verbal offer has been made and discussed with you.  Once you have read it and agree to the terms and conditions of the offer, please sign and return it to the Human Resources department as soon as possible and no later than one week after receiving it.


New Employee Payroll/Benefits Package:

You will be contacted by Payroll to complete your commencement information. The documents will be sent you during your first week of employment with the College. Once you receive the documents please fill out and have them ready for your Payroll Commencement meeting.



If you were required to provide transcripts as part of your offer of employment, this information is to be submitted to Human Resources within thirty (30) days of your commencement. It is best to put your request to the institution you graduated from well in advance in order to make this deadline.


Preparing for Your First Day:

Our Recruiter will have informed you of your start date/time and where to report to on your first day.


If you need a map to help you find where you need to get to, please click here: College Maps


If you need parking, Keyano College offers parking at nominal rates and passes are available at our Bookstore.  There are a few options available to you.  You may want to bring a toonie with you on your first day and just buy a day pass until you can decide which option works best for you.  We also encourage you to car pool or take public transit if that is a viable option.





Onboarding Checklist:

A friendly reminder to print off the Onboarding Checklist above if you haven’t done so yet.


New Employee Checklist:

To prepare for the arrival of your new employee, fill out the New Employee Checklist on Connect.  This checklist will send the appropriate requests to the required departments in the organization to ensure the new employee has everything they need on their first day (e.g. requests for computer and phone, network and other software access, ERP system access, keys, business cards, etc)  


Assign a Keyano Ambassador:

Who would be a good person to pair with the new employee as their Keyano Ambassador?  This is a fellow employee who helps them with any questions they may have related to being an employee of Keyano College in general, not about their job specifically.  Please make contact with them to ensure you have this set up for the new employee’s first week.