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Comprehensive Institutional Plan

Keyano’s goals and initiatives help deliver on the College’s approved Mandate, and alignment to the Government of Alberta’s adult learning system principles of accessibility, affordability, quality, coordination and accountability.

Keyano’s 2017/18 – 2019/20 Comprehensive Institutional Plan outlines three main goals:

The first goal is enhance the student experience. Keyano is committed to providing a positive student experience that prepares students for rewarding careers and further study. Providing a supportive learning environment that helps students succeed is a key priority for the College. Over the next three years, Keyano plans to expand student housing options, review the student experience at Keyano, enhance the services and supports offered to Aboriginal students, renew learning spaces, and increase accessibility to Keyano’s programs in rural and remote communities.

Pursue academic excellence is the second goal. Improving access to post-secondary education by providing relevant programming options remains a priority. Plans for the next three years include the launch of a Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Certificate, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, and two new Pre-employment programs.

Keyano continues to explore opportunities to collaborate with other post-secondary institutions and community organizations to develop and deliver academic programs that will benefit the Wood Buffalo community, improve access to education, and create flexible learning pathways. Ongoing collaborations with Campus Alberta partners provide opportunities to share information, knowledge, and programming, to improve system access and to achieve greater efficiencies. To drive continuous improvement in program quality, program review processes will be enhanced.

The third goal is to advance institutional sustainability. The devastating wildfire in May 2016 tested organizational resilience and took a toll on our people. Accordingly, Keyano will focus on student, faculty and staff wellbeing over the next three years. Business continuity planning will also be improved.

The new economic reality in the Wood Buffalo region will impact Keyano’s ability to maintain current earned revenue streams as well as develop new ones. This necessitates a renewed focus on utilizing assets in innovative ways to generate maximum value. Keyano will explore ways it can work with industry partners and its alumni network to enhance program delivery and develop sustainable programming will be important in this regard.

Achievement of the above CIP goals will help Keyano increase regional access to quality post-secondary 

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2015/2016 - 2017/2018 Comprehensive Institutional Plan

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