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Tyrone Brass

Tyrone Brass

Owner/Manager/President | Bayzik Oilsand Services Inc.


A long-time resident of Fort McMurray, Tyrone Brass has harnessed the lessons learned growing up on Key Indian Reserve No. 368 in Saskatchewan and built a successful business and raised a family of four in the Wood Buffalo region.


Tyrone has served as an Executive Board member of NAABA, establishing and maintaining strong relationships with community leaders in our region.  He has also spent time volunteering in elementary and junior high schools to share his life story and excite and educate students about the opportunities available in this region. 


As a Journey Certified Instrument Tech and Electrician, his educational experience as an apprentice within the trades provides a unique guiding perspective on the Board of Governors as we plan program strategies to meet industry and community needs.   As a graduate of Keyano College, he is a strong supporter of education and life-long learning and has been a champion of the College within our community.