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Keyano College Foundation Board of Directors

The Keyano College Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of members of our community. Key responsibilities of the Board are to provide support for Keyano College in the forms of fundraising, friend raising, providing direction and strategic planning input, overseeing fiscal responsibilities and ensuring that the Foundation leadership is sound and is moving forward the vision of the Keyano College Board of Governors.

The Executive Committee meets monthly at an evening meeting. The entire Board of Directors, including the Members at Large, meet twice a year: once at the annual Golf Classic Fundraising Event at the beginning of June and once at the Gala Fundraising Event at the beginning of November.

Chair: Tony Mankowski
Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Matthew Creighton

Past Chair: Paul Taylor
Founding Chair: John Lynn


Adele Thomson
Bruce Bernard
Chris Reitz
Jeanette Bancarz
Jody Rideout
John Evans
Kevin Shulko
Mike McDougall
Ryan D. Pinkney
Shawn Chaulk
Stacey James (at large)
Tracey R. Maguire

Staff Members (by virtue of position held)

  • Keyano College Interim President & CEO: Dr. Tracy Edwards
  • Keyano College Vice President Finance & CFO: Carol Pollard
  • Keyano College Board of Governors Chair: Kara Flynn
  • Executive Assistant: Joanne Duthie

For more information please contact: Eric Leatham  - 780-792-5648