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The Affair for the Arts 2016




The Keyano College Foundation and Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre would like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our event sponsors for their support of The Affair for the Arts featuring the comedic duo of Colin Mochrie and Deb McGrath.

Wood Buffalo is an exciting region and quality of life is important to all citizens living within.  The Affair for the Arts 2016 was a successful event with an excess of $40,000 raised in support to assist Keyano Theatre in its commitment to present a vibrant and dynamic 2016/17 season.  The opportunity for engagement in the visual and performing arts, as either a patron or an artist is crucial to the cultural growth and development of any community and your support will help in this quest.


For more information about The Affair for the Arts please contact:  Lauren Thomas - 780-791-4839


Previous years:

2014 - Presented by CBS Construction

Saturday, March 15th - William Shatner marveled hundreds of guests with his witty insight on Canadian culture. 

 A full house of friends, partners and guests were thoroughly entertained at a once-in-a-life-time performance by one of the biggest stars in the galaxy on Saturday, March 15th. CBS Construction and Keyano Theatre were proud to present Mr. William Shatner as the feature performer at The Affair for the Arts. Mr. Shatner shared his passion for the arts though his many philosophical and humorous life stories. His reflections and tales creatively married the definition of culture to the simplicity of a favorite children`s verse. Mr. Shatner emphasized that we all share a need to find a deeper connection to culture, regionally and within our own lives... Wrap Up Release - The Affair for the Arts.pdf


The Affair for the Arts 2013 - Presented by CBS Construction

 Saturday, April 6th - Rick Mercer graced the stage of Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre with his satirical and witty keynote address, A Nation Worth Ranting About.


Few people know Canada like Rick Mercer knows Canada. He knows Canada is a country worth laughing about, cheering about, and occasionally getting angry about - usually around the time of a federal election. In this new keynote, A Nation Worth Ranting About, Mercer poked and prodded at our institutions. He revealed hypocrisy at the highest reaches of power and he brought our attention to hardworking, unsung heroes. In the process, he illuminated everything that’s great and irreverent about Canada. Mercer’s unrivalled genius is his ability to make you laugh at, question, think about, and most of all, appreciate this glorious country we all share.


For more information about The Affair for the Arts please contact:  Lauren Thomas - 780-791-4839