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Keyano College Foundation Mission

For over 30 years, the Keyano College Foundation has helped provide awards, scholarships and access to education for our students. Through the development of our people, Keyano College and the Keyano College Foundation have played a critical role by generating much needed funding, responding to the needs of students, industry and region, ensuring students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources, and preparing them to meet the challenges of the future.

The role of the Keyano College Foundation is wide-ranging. In addition to student support through financial awards, the Foundation also provides support towards academics, athletics, theatre, trades programs and capital development. The Keyano College Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members of our community and key stakeholders. Key responsibilities of the Board are to provide support for Keyano College in the form of fundraising, friend raising, providing direction and strategic planning to ensure the Foundation supports the vision of the Keyano College Board of Governors.

The Keyano College Foundation has received incredible support from friends and industry for over 30 years. In turn, the Foundation continues to grow with the College and the community and plays a vital role in both.


The Keyano College Foundation will provide leadership to the College in the solicitation of funds and in developing and nurturing friends.


To support Keyano College and the Keyano College Board of Governors by securing funds and friends. The Keyano College Foundation is a critical enabler and facilitator of the College’s ability to be responsive to community needs and ensure relevance in terms of program visioning, development and delivery. The Foundation ensures relevance by securing partners, technology, equipment, facilities and funding for education and training through the following:

  • Community, corporate, College and individual engagement.
  • Campaigns and investment proposals.
  • Grants and other partnerships.
  • Events and social interactions.
  • To communicate the mission of Keyano College to the community and act as an ambassador for the College.
  • Remembering the past.
  • Celebrating the present.
  • Preparing for the future.


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