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About Keyano College

Keyano College is a public, board-governed college operating as a Comprehensive Community Institution under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta. Keyano plays an active role in Campus Alberta by collaborating with other post-secondary institutions to increase access to learning opportunities for students in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Through its two campuses, in Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewyan and four learning centres, in Fort McKay, Conklin, Janvier, and Gregoire Lake, Keyano provides a variety of learning opportunities through classroom, online and blended delivery models. Keyano also serves a wider learner population through its involvement in education consortia and a variety of industry partnerships.

Keyano College offers certificates and diplomas, university transfer, apprenticeship, academic upgrading and, through collaboration with other post-secondary institutions, degree completion options. Keyano’s comprehensive program offerings include arts, science, business, education, health and wellness, trades, and industrial training. Keyano provides relevant, practical, flexible and affordable workforce development including continuing education, customized corporate training, and English as a second language courses and programs. 

Keyano provides high-quality lifelong learning opportunities by promoting access to and participation in post-secondary education, fostering excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. Keyano’s faculty and staff are engaged in professional development, scholarly activity and applied research for the purpose of enhancing expertise and increasing knowledge that will facilitate a high-quality learning experience through improved programs and services.

As a Comprehensive Community Institution responsible for regional stewardship, Keyano College also collaborates with post-secondary educational institutions, community adult learning providers, business, industry, school districts, Aboriginal communities, and other organizations to ensure access to a broad spectrum of learning opportunities. As well, Keyano plays a pivotal role in enhancing sustainability within the region by collaborating with stakeholders to support social, cultural, recreational and economic development initiatives. Keyano’s specialized facilities, such as the Theatre and Arts Centre and the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre, help to make Keyano College an important community hub and gathering place in Wood Buffalo.