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Our Services - Security Services

Security Officers can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 780-791-4911.

In case of fire, crime, medical emergency, or other major crisis dial "911".

Keyano College Security Services is dedicated to making Keyano College a safe and enjoyable environment for all students, staff and the general public to enjoy.

We provide 24/7 services to all Keyano properties, including off campus residences at Reidel and Penhorwood.

Some of our services include, patrols, complaint investigation, general information, emergency first aid, Lost and Found and parking control.

Our offices are located next to the reception desk, just inside the main entrance.


Parking at Keyano College is broken down to three categories: 1) General Parking; 2) Reserved Parking and 3) Visitor Parking.

General Parking

Designated general parking areas for Clearwater Campus and the Bob Lamb Building are Lots A, B, & E. (See Map at the security office).  All general parking is paid parking at $2.00 per day.  Parking dispensers are located in each lot.

Reserved Parking 

Reserved Parking is used by campus staff only.  Reserved parking for Clearwater Campus and the Bob Lamb Building are Lots C and D.  A reserved parking pass is required to park in these lots. 

Visitor Parking

Parking meter stalls are provided near the main entrance to the college off of Lot A. This is for short term parking only.

Parking Tickets

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo governs all parking by-laws within the city.  Keyano College Security Services issued parking tickets under these by-laws.  Parking fines range from $120.00 for unpaid parking to $500.00 for parking in a handicapped zone. Please be careful where you park.

First Aid

The Security Department is responsible for First Aid around Keyano when the College Nurse is off site.  When the College Nurse is unavailable, Security is responsible for addressing emergencies and other First Aid problems.  Security staff also transport Staff/Students to the Northern Lights Regional Hospital for minor injuries when necessary.  Each department within the College has a First Aid Kit and a trained First Aid Staff member. All Security Officers are First Aid/CPR trained.