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Each year, hundreds of Keyano students benefit from the generous financial support provided by local businesses and individuals through Keyano's Student Awards Program.

Donors to our Student Awards program help to eliminate financial barriers, encourage community involvement and instill confidence in the future leaders of our region.

Most importantly the Student Awards program rewards hard work and dedication - two qualities that have transformed Wood Buffalo into the vibrant economic leader and cultural hub we know today.


Donate to an existing award, bursary or scholarship or create a new award, bursary or scholarship based upon your interests and philanthropic goals.

Types of Student Support

  • Awards are given in recognition of personal academic success regardless of financial situation. Awards often contain extracurricular achievements as part of the selection criteria.
  • Bursaries are provided to students who demonstrate financial need while meeting minimum academic eligibility criteria.
  • Scholarships are awarded to top students within their program; based on academic achievements

All awards, bursaries and scholarships can be designated by year of study:

  • Entrance awards are given to students in the first year of their program
  • Continuation awards are given to students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th years
  • Completion awards are given to students who have successfully completed studies

How to Support Students


You can establish a permanent award through an endowed fund that will provide an ongoing source of funds; generated by the interest earned from a lump sum principal. Generally, a minimum principal of $10,000 will ensure an annual award of $500.

Annual Awards

You can provide the full amount of an award each year upon request from the Keyano College. Requests are made in April and amounts are awarded at the Annual Awards Reception in November. Annual awards generally range from $500-$5,000.

Combined Endowment/Annual Award

This option allows donors to build up an endowment fund over a period of time while also providing an annual award.

Benefits and Recognition

  • Donors determine award criteria
  • All donors are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony to personally present the award
  • Award title and donor name(s) will be listed in Student Awards related publications distributed to students across Alberta
  • All donors are listed in the Awards Ceremony program
  • Depending on the level of support, specific recognition programs may be developed in consultation with donors
  • Keyano College produces a full page advertisement in local newspapers to thank all donors to the Student Awards Program

* All funds donated to the Keyano College Student Awards and Scholarship program are eligible for charitable donation tax receipts.